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About Us

Welcome to Marcor Automotive, Canada’s most successful niche performance parts distributor.

Founded in 1977 as Northern Performance, a retail operation, we quickly expanded into wholesale distribution, forming Marcor Automotive.

Throughout our history Marcor has followed many trends, but in today's highly competitive landscape, we have narrowed our focus to certain key specialties. We are eager to meet all of our customers' needs from bumper to bumper, however our core lines address suspension, braking and under-car performance in general. Springs, shock absorbers, sway bars, brake rotors and pads, brake lines and cat-back exhaust systems form the backbone of our business.

Our line card is rounded out with vendors specializing in interior and exterior accessories, car care products, under-hood performance, wheels and wheel hardware, lighting and much more. While the North American car and truck market remains a cornerstone of our business, we have built a strong following among the offshore auto brand enthusiasts. The Asian car companies are a natural component of our efforts, and we have also enjoyed tremendous success catering to European brands such as BMW, Volkswagen/Audi and Mercedes Benz.

We choose our vendor partners strategically, and our commitment to them is comprehensive. We are dedicated to providing strong inventory levels to our customers at competitive prices. Creating marketing and advertising programs for our vendors in the Canadian marketplace is one of our top priorities. And the most important piece of the puzzle is people! Our inside and outside sales staff are all knowledgeable automotive enthusiasts who are eager to promote the brands we carry.

Sharing space with WeatherTech Canada, a brand that Marcor pioneered in Canada, we operate from a 75,000 square foot warehouse in Burlington, Ontario, just west of Toronto. Located on seven acres of land, this facility houses Marcor's WD operations, Northern Performance (our retail division, which includes a full service installation facility) and WeatherTech Canada.